A Vengeful Daredevil Returns For Season 3 This October

A Vengeful Daredevil Returns For Season 3 This October

Matty’s back. And more beat up than ever before, which is saying something given that The Defenders literally dropped an entire building on him.

Netflix and Marvel have officially confirmed that the third season of Daredevil will be launching frightfully soon: October 19. (Iron Fist dropped just last month!)

Here’s a brief new announcement trailer, casting a battered Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) as more determined than ever to fight back against the tides of evil plaguing his city. Seems like he’s gonna have to sell a bit of his catholic-guilt-ridden-soul to do so, though:

We’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Daredevil season 3 very soon — Deadline is also reporting that the stars of the season will descend on New York Comic Con October 6, so we’ll get a taste of just what it really looks like when Matt unleashes the Devil within there. Speaking of Catholic guilt earlier, here’s a new poster too!

Daredevil returns in October.