What If Uber Existed In The 80s?

Uber wasn’t a thing back in the 80s. Heck, it wasn’t a thing before 2009. But with the magic of the internet, we can imagine what it was like… if you had to install Uber via DOS and type a bunch of crap via text prompts.

This video from Squirrel Monkey is the perfect, retro parody of Uber, if it was around 30 or 40 years ago. Forget about touchscreens and saving your details. Smartphones haven’t been invented yet.

What you do have is MS-DOS, a modem (if you’re lucky) and a whole lot of time to actually order the darn thing.

Oh, I hope you’ve got a printer — you’ll want to keep your receipt handy.

The best part is picking your driver. It’s like a character selection screen from an old-school racing game, except less fun.

[YouTube, via The Awesomer]