There’s A JB Hi-Fi Scam Happening Right Now

There’s A JB Hi-Fi Scam Happening Right Now
Image: JB Hi-Fi

Earlier this year fake PayPal and Optus texts and emails were being used to scam unsuspecting Australians, and now it’s JB Hi-Fi’s turn. A text message has been circulating from ‘JBHiFi’ that is definitely not from the retailer. Here’s what you need to know.

The body of the SMS addresses the reader by name, stating that it is looking for testers in their local city and has signed them up. It is also accompanied by a link.

The retailer took to social media earlier today to warn people about the scam.

The Facebook post provided some extra details.

In a reply on Twitter, JB confirmed that it has requested the removal of scam content.

Other users are also confirming that they have received the text.

Similar confirmations can be found on the Facebook post.

If you do receive a scam email or SMS from ‘JB Hi-Fi’ or a similar sounding suspect source, report it to Scamwatch and don’t click on any unknown links. The site also offers advice and resources to those who have been victims of a scam.

We have reached out to JB Hi-Fi for comment and will update the story if they get back to us.