The Internet Reacts To #ScoMo

The Internet Reacts To #ScoMo

After days of turmoil, uncertainty and potato jokes we have a new Prime Minister-elect — Scott Morrison. We’re not quite sure how we got here, but okay.

So how are people online feeling about our the new leader, who based off historical evidence is bound to stay in power for at least a couple of weeks?

Angry? Relieved that it isn’t Dutton? Booking their flights to New Zealand? Let’s see what the memes have to say.

Rich White Dude From Sydney Replaces Rich White Dude From Sydney As PM from australia

This Twitter Account Lets You Know Who The Current PM Is [Updated]

The Australian political landscape over the past 48 hours has been volatile to say the least. People have been wondering if there will be a leadership change by the time they get off a flight, or get out of the shower.</p> <p>Well don't worry, this Twitter account has got your back.

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