Chrome 69 Will Be Another Nail In The Adobe Flash Coffin

Chrome 69 Will Be Another Nail In The Adobe Flash Coffin
Image: Google

Flash is dead. Very dead. It lingers, however, mainly in the form of web games. Right now (at least in Chrome) you can give your favourite Flash game sites permission to run the plugin. That will change next month with Chrome 69, when constant “explicit permission” will be required.

Chrome 69, slated for release sometime in September, will enforce a stricter policy on authorising Flash content, to the point where the annoyance of constantly giving it permission might be enough for dedicated users to abandon it forever:

Sites using Flash will require explicit permission to run, every time the user restarts the browser.

Require affirmative user choice to run Flash Player content, without that choice persisting across multiple sessions.

It’s another small step towards banishing Flash entirely. But don’t fret! If for some reason you depend on Flash day-to-day, Google doesn’t plan to remove the plugin until Chrome 87-ish, scheduled for December 2020 (a date Mozilla is also adhering to for Firefox).

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