Barry Allen Is Getting A New Suit In The Flash's 5th Season, Here's Our First Look

The Flash, without a chin strap! (Image: The CW)

Barry Allen's look in the fifth season of The Flash is maybe the most comic-book faithful yet.

On Instagram, Grant Gustin, who plays the speed hero on The CW, shared a poster featuring our first official look at Flash's new suit from the upcoming fifth season. Following series tradition, last season's suit is out and the new look is pretty snazzy.

First OFFICIAL look at Barry’s new threads for season 5.

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Notably, the chin strap, which has plagued most versions of the character on the show to date, has been eliminated and the Flash logo is smaller and more streamlined. The suit also appears to be less intensely leather-heavy as the other iterations of the outfit, which gives it a more comfy, cosy look, in my opinion. (And, frankly, moving away from leather is a good look for the Arrowverse.)

All in all, it looks more like a classic comic book superhero costume translated to live action, which I'm all for. I'm not quite certain Gustin has the jawline to pull off the lack of a strap, but it's an appealing look all the same.

We'll see this suit in action when The Flash premieres its fifth season on October 9. Let me know what you think of the new look in the comments.

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