This AI-Powered Washing Machine Cuts Laundry Time In Half

This AI-Powered Washing Machine Cuts Laundry Time In Half
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A laundry revolution has arrived for the humble washing machine.

Samsung has launched its new QuickDrive washing machines, which can cut the time it takes to do a daily load by up to half.

A series of fascinating (yes, washing machines can be fascinating!) innovations are combined to transform your weekly laundry chores, hopefully making your life that little bit easier.

Brought to you by Samsung QuickDrive, the revolutionary washing machine that cuts washing time up to half.

While most of us have been lucky to have washing machines in our homes for several decades now, it’s been a while since a real game-changer has been introduced to the market.

Samsung has made a huge leap forward with its QuickDrive technology, so we’ve taken a look at the smart features and the ground-breaking mechanics behind them.


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This is the game-changer. Q-Drum is a real feat of engineering that consists of a main drum and a backplate which rotate independently, in opposite directions to one another.

In simple terms, that means the clothes are moved from top to bottom, and back and forth.

It’s this dynamic, double-force action that allows clothes to be washed quicker, without compromising performance levels – and it’s still gentle on your clothes.

So how quick are we talking? A standard wash cycle for the average 4.5KG Australian load, which usually takes around 2-2.5 hours, has been reduced to 64 minutes with QuickDrive.

If you’re in a hurry and only have lightly soiled clothes, the Super Speed setting can do a wash in 39 minutes.

Those looking for a more powerful clean have the option of Hygiene Steam cycles, which release steam from the bottom of the drum and can reduce allergens and up to 99.9 per cent of certain common bacteria.

Q-rator Laundry Assistant

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The app that accompanies the washing machine is where AI comes into play.

Think of it like a recipe book for all your washing needs – a laundry expert at your fingertips.

Tell the app the type of clothes you’re washing, the colour and the level of dirt and it will automatically recommend the best cycle. Hit start on your phone and you are good to go.

The app also lets you remotely manage your laundry (including start and finish times) with Smart Control, as well as help with maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your QuickDrive is always operating to optimal results.


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Two years in the making at Samsung’s top-secret research department, AddWash has been around for a while now but is one of those innovations that’s so simple, it’s actually genius.

If you’ve dropped a rogue sock on the way to your machine or completely forgotten about that pile of clothes on the bathroom floor, AddWash is here to rescue you.

At any point during the wash, simply pull open the small second door on the front loader and add your clothes.

It’s also useful if you’ve got an item that just needs a quick rinse towards the end of a cycle (like those awkward hand-wash only clothes), or decide to add fabric softener.

Most people want to reduce the time they spend doing laundry – but no one wants to sacrifice washing performance.

The new Samsung QuickDrive washing machines put the focus on increasing efficiency without compromise, while incorporating smart features that put you in control and makes your home truly connected.

Check out the Samsung QuickDrive models here and discover how you can reclaim your time to do the things you really care about in life.

Time is precious. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, the Samsung QuickDrive can do your laundry in up to half the time,[1] with a full clean performance. That’s more time for you. Read more.

[1] Compared with previous Samsung WW6500K. Saves up to 50% time on Cotton (40C, half load), based on testing conducted to IEC.