The Very First 13th Doctor Toys And Apparel Are Here

The Very First 13th Doctor Toys And Apparel Are Here

A new Doctor on the way for the BBC’s Doctor Who can only mean one thing: Fresh merchandise to go with the new look attached to the whole new incarnation of the universe’s favourite Time Lord. Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor is no exception — and her first batch of toys is surprisingly imminent.

BBC Studios has officially revealed that the first merchandise for Doctor Who’s incoming season will be making a surprising debut at San Diego Comic-Con next week.

Available at the convention for the first time will be vinyl versions of Whittaker’s Doctor courtesy of Titan (releasing a Titans Vinyl and a “Kawaii” version) and Funko, which will release both a Pop! figure (because, of course) and a Thirteenth Doctor for their Rock Candy range of figurines.

From left to right: Titan Kawaii 13th Doctor, Titans 13th Doctor, Rock Candy 13th Doctor, and then, of course, Funko Pop 13th Doctor.

If stylised-to-the-point-of-uncomfortable-weirdness is not for you, but the chance to wear a full-length coat in the sizzling heat of a San Diego convention centre packed with thousands of sweaty people is, there’s also good news. Her Universe will be selling versions of the Thirteenth Doctor’s ensemble, in the form of her new coat, her rainbow-striped T-shirt and her blue culottes. Bring your own boots and you have an instant cosplay for the Doctor Who panel!

It’s so fun/weird to see Ahsoka Tano herself (Ashley Eckstein) dressed up as the Doctor. (Photo: Her Universe)

All of these items will be available later in spring if you aren’t in San Diego next week, but if you’re in the UK and want a Thirteenth Doctor for your desk, Character Options — who’ve long been making action figures for Doctor Whohave opened pre-orders for a 25cm-tall figure of the Doctor that’ll launch immediately after Comic-Con, on July 23.

As well as being fully articulated, the figure comes with fabric clothing and an unseen extra accessory: The new Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. Whether it’s Peter Capaldi’s model or a new one altogether remains to be seen, but given its absence from the picture, it’s probably a new look to go with the new everything else!

If you weren’t already excited about a brand new era for Doctor Who, the arrival of these toys is a reminder that it’s just around the corner — and we can’t wait.

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