The Gifted Season 2 Trailer Heralds The Dawn Of The Mutant Age

The Gifted Season 2 Trailer Heralds The Dawn Of The Mutant Age

We knew Fox’s excellent X-Men series The Gifted was set to return for a second season. Now we have our first look thanks to San Diego Comic-Con.

Here’s the goods:

The Gifted‘s first season culminated with Polaris embracing her inner villain and deciding to join the Frost sisters as the newest member of the Hellfire Club. The first trailer for the show’s upcoming season erases any hope that a now very pregnant Lorna’s turn to the dark side might have been at all temporary.

In her final trimester, she’s adjusting to life within the Hellfire Club and her newly-enhanced abilities that the villains made devastating use of by encouraging her to cause massive rolling blackouts demonstrate just how much more powerful she’s become.

With the Hellfire Club moving in position to launch some sort of massive attack, Sentinel Services respond by becoming even more aggressive, descending on neighbourhoods at random to round up those suspected of being mutants and from the looks of it, whatever pro-mutant sentiment the public one had is all but gone.

Perhaps most shocking out of all the plot details teased in the trailer is the reemergence of Reed Strucker’s suppressed mutant abilities and the introduction of the Morlocks who come forward as the season’s new answer to the Mutant Underground.

With Sentinel Services becoming even more violently aggressive towards the country’s mutant population, The Gifted’s heroes are going to need all the help they can get to, well, survive when the show returns September.