The First Full Trailer For Nightflyers Is Absolutely Chilling

The First Full Trailer For Nightflyers Is Absolutely Chilling

Video: We’ve already had more than a few glimpses at Syfy’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s classic sci-fi horror novella Nightflyers, promising plenty of spookiness. But our latest look is definitely the biggest, and it’s legitimately haunting.

The show is set aboard the titular spaceship Nightflyer, although it seems as though its mission is slightly different in the show compared to the books — instead of making first contact, the Nightflyer is actually the last hope of a dying humanity, exploring beyond Earth’s reach in the hopes of finding the key to survival.

However, things go sideways real fast before they can get there, as you can see in the trailer below:

While it remains to be seen if the alien/first contact scenario of the novella still has a role to play, there’s a lot of interesting stuff helping the situation aboard the Nightflyer go to crap at FTL speeds. You can count us more than intrigued – and spooked to all hell, while we’re at it.

Nightflyers’ 10 episode series is set to launch in Australia on Netflix later this year.