Stranger Things Achieves Peak '80s Transcendence With Totally Radical Retro Shopping Centre Teaser

The faces of some people who are very happy to be dressed as sailors serving ice cream. (Image: Netflix)

Video: Because, truly, is there anything more quintessentially ‘80s America than a) shopping centres and b) deliciously retro adverts for said shopping centres?

Netflix just dropped a very cryptic teaser hyping up a major new addition to the humdrum happenings of Hawkins, Indiana (when it isn't like, you know, being threatened by supernatural madness and whatnot) — a Starcourt shopping centre.

The teaser doesn’t actually tell us much because, well, it’s a TV ad for a shopping centre. It goes all in on the retro vibes, right down to an ‘80s technicolor store sign that literally just says “jazzercise”. Which is delightful!

But if you were expecting any really major hints about what’s in store for season three, you’re not going to get a lot other than the fact that Starcourt will likely be a major location in the next season and everyone’s favourite dad-but-not-a-dad Steve now works there, at the food court’s nautical-themed ice cream parlour alongside Stranger Things newcomer Maya Hawke, who will play Robin in the third season.

The teaser ends noting that Starcourt Mall is set to open in Hawkins “next summer”, which could be the vaguest of hints as to when we actually get to see Stranger Things’ third season hit Netflix. Given it’s meant to be set in summer this time around rather than autumn like the prior seasons, it’d make sense!

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