Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Features May Have Been Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen Features May Have Been Leaked
Image: Samsung Note8

Leaks and rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been flying consistently for the past few weeks, and we have some more for you. This time around it’s about some huge upgrades to the new S-Pen.

Renowned leaker Ice Universe may have just confirmed some massive upgrades with its latest tweet, which alleges that the updated S-Pen will be contain a long-range self timer, have the ability to control music playback and something yet-to-be-revealed involving Bluetooth.

The Galaxy Note9 SPen can be used to control a long-range self-timer, control music playback, because it is a Bluetooth device, it will do something unrelated to the pen.

This tweet comes a week after the account teased that the latest generation S-Pen may have the biggest update ever.

We assumed that there would be some exciting upgrades to the S-Pen, especially after how much it featured in the teaser for Samsung’s next Unpacked event, which is happening on August 10.

Bluetooth inclusion in the S-Pen has already been rumoured for awhile, as has possible gameplay features and even the potential for it to work as a Bluetooth speaker.

Samsung have remained tight lipped around all leaks and rumours to date, so it will be interesting to see ow accurate this one is, and if the new S-Pen will be a game changer, or simply the next generation of a phone accessory that some customers won’t bother using.

Of course, leaks should always be regarded with a healthy dose of skepticism. While Ice Universe has been right about a lot of its leaks in the past, the account isn’t full proof.

A design from last month had people thinking that it could be next year’s Samsung S10 — not that the account ever explicitly said that). However, it turned out to be a Photoshop job.

We won’t know how many Galaxy Note 9 “leaks” are a reality until August 10, but we’ll still be keeping a keen eye on the rumour mill.

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