New Rumours About Batgirl’s Role In The Birds Of Prey Movie

New Rumours About Batgirl’s Role In The Birds Of Prey Movie

Kevin Feige talks de-ageing a few characters for Captain Marvel. Reshoots on the new Predator have apparently added a few sneaky references to the past films. Amy Adams is still hoping the Enchanted sequel can happen. Plus, new set footage from Jessica Jones season 3, and a secretive American Horror Story return. Spoilers now!

Birds of Prey

In a recent interview with Flickering Myth, Margot Robbie revealed Birds of Prey will be R-rated and begins filming this January, with a “much smaller budget” than any previous DCEU film.

Meanwhile, speaking to Yahoo Movies, Robbie added that she wants a diverse line up of actors to portray the Birds of Prey themselves:

Yep, yes exactly, real life isn’t so one specific image. We’ve got to reflect that onscreen.

Meanwhile, regular spoilerhound Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter in the wake of Robbie’s comments to say that the movie will allegedly not feature Batgirl — before clarifying that he meant Barbara Gordon will appear in the movie, just not in a costumed hero capacity:

Captain Marvel

According to Kevin Feige, Samuel L. Jackson will be digitally de-aged 25 years for the entirety of Captain Marvel.

Without spoiling anything, Sam Jackson is shooting a movie for us right now where he’s entirely 25 years younger the whole movie.


Meanwhile, a set photo from Samuel J. Jackson himself has fans speculating Carol Danvers’ alien pet cat, Chewie, is slated to make an appearance.

In related news, Brie Larson has wrapped filming.

The Predator

AvPGalaxy reports the recent reshoots inserted references to previous entries in the Predator franchise.

Lex’s spear [from Alien vs. Predator] is now displayed alongside City Hunter’s spear from Predator 2. Casey, Olivia Munn’s character, is also shown some grainy pictures of the Predators from the first two films.


Omega Underground reports Bloodshot begins filming August 6 in Europe and South Africa.


During a recent appearance on The Talk, Amy Adams answered “we’re working on it” when asked about the status of the long-rumoured sequel to Enchanted.

I am absolutely up for that. We’re working on it – so, hopefully.

Lost in Space

Season two begins production this September in Vancouver, according to Omega Underground.

Jessica Jones

The Daily Mail has set video of Rachel Taylor performing some Hellcat-worthy stunts, including a backflip off a wall.


Aneela is trapped in the greenspace in the synopsis for the season four premiere, “The Warrior Princess Bride”.

In the season opener “The Warrior Princess Bride” (Friday, July 20 at 10 p.m. ET), trapped in the mysterious and mind-bending greenspace and on the run from the deadly Lady, Aneela (John-Kamen), and her father Khlyen (Rob Stewart) struggle to stay one step ahead of the Lady, while keeping a wounded Dutch alive with a story that he promises will save her life: the tale of Dutch and Johnny’s first mission in the Quad. He tells the story of the time when, down to their last few Joy, Dutch and John accepted a simple cargo transportation gig to the armpit of the galaxy and how this led to them facing off with a deadly assassin.

[Spoiler TV]

American Horror Story

Finally, Billy Eichner teased “a secret friend” is slated to return to American Horror Story in season eight.

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