McLaren Finally Reveals The Name Of Its Fastest Hypercar Ever

McLaren Finally Reveals The Name Of Its Fastest Hypercar Ever
Image: Supplied

Up until now we are only known it by the codename BP23 but McLaren has finally announced the name of its new Hyper GT Car — the Speedtail.

This latest offering from McLaren follows on from the the Senna and P1 series and will be the fastest car that the manufacturer has ever produced at 391kph. McLaren has also stated that it will be the most luxurious, too.


You can check out the reveal video in the tweet below, which gave me strong flashbacks to Imhotep flying around as sand in The Mummy.

Sadly, even if you have the casual £1.6 million to actually buy one of these presumably beautiful beasts (we only have concept art so far) you can’t have one. Only 106 are being sold and they were reserved even before the official announcement back in 2016.

Fingers crossed that we’ll get to see this in the flesh at Geneva next year. Or anytime beforehand. Can someone please make this happen? PLEASE.

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