‘Leaked’ iPhone Benchmarks Reveal Big Results For The Next Flagship

‘Leaked’ iPhone Benchmarks Reveal Big Results For The Next Flagship
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It looks like rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 aren’t the only ones flying around at the moment. This time it’s the iPhones X Plus’ turn with some alleged benchmarks that are absolutely massive.

The benchmark results come from Geekbench and are listed under an entry titled ‘iPhone 11,2’ which is running on iOS 12.0. And while Apple have remained tight lipped on what new phones it may be releasing this year, it may just be one of the three that are rumoured to be dropping — an iPhone 9 as well as regular and plus-sized sequels to the iPhone X. Some even think it could be an iPhone X Plus.

But regardless of what the name will or won’t be, if these benchmarks are to be believed — what we have here is a mammoth new flagship that will dominate that higher end of the mobile phone market.

Image: Geekbench

You can read the full Benchmark results right here.

If these results are in fact real, Android manufacturers such as Samsung may have something to worry about. As Lifehacker points out, not only are these results better than the iPhone X (4,055 single and 10,375 multi) they also smash Samsung’s Galaxy S9 (3263 single and 8900 multi).

Of course, we’re remaining skeptical. Fake Geekbench results aren’t unheard of, and even the scores of legitimate entries can’t always be relied upon. Plus, we don’t even have a solid name or announcement for the next iPhone yet.

But this is still an exciting rumour and will have us keeping our eyes peeled extra hard.

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