Barry And Iris Meet Their Future Daughter In The Trailer For The Flash Season 5

Barry And Iris Meet Their Future Daughter In The Trailer For The Flash Season 5

The last season of The Flash concluded with one hell of a shocker: the mysterious future girl who had been cropping up all season was actually Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ future child. And now Team Flash has a yet another mess of time travel shenanigans to deal with.

The first trailer for season five, revealed at the CW’s Comic-Con panel today, gives us a bit more of Barry and Iris’ reaction to their future literally showing up on their doorstep, as well as a few more indications of just why Nora thinks it’s been such a big mistake to come back to her past — which she’s now stuck in.

As Barry says, she could Marty McFly herself out of existence! But hey, at least she brought along Barry’s famous suit-deploying ring from the comics to use.

But we also get a few more hints as to just who the big villain of the season could be now that the Thinker is finally out of the picture at the panel: it was announced that Chris Klein will be joining the cast as David Hersch, a.k.a. Cicada — a villain from the comics with the ability to steal the life force from his opponents, who starts a bizarre cult of followers dedicated to murdering anyone the Flash has saved in his superhero career with lightning bolt-shaped daggers.

In the show, however, Cicada will be a blue collar worker who wants to take vengeance on metahumans at large after his family is ripped apart by tragedy.

Hopefully, The Flash can keep up the pace after a few dodgy moments last season.