‘We Didn’t Delay John Wick 2’: The Australian Classification Board Speaks Out

‘We Didn’t Delay John Wick 2’: The Australian Classification Board Speaks Out
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Gizmodo just received more information for our ongoing investigation into the reason Australians had to wait 13 weeks longer than the rest of the world to see John Wick 2 in cinemas.

Yes, we have our priorities straight, how dare you question me.

Why Australia Had To Wait For John Wick 2

John Wick 2 premiered globally in January 2017. Globally, that is, except for Australia. We had to wait an additional three and a bit months. 13 weeks. 91 days. 2,184 hours. Too long, in my humble opinion.</p><p>Yep, we are still salty - but at least now we are finally getting some answers. Not all of them, but some.

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Director of the Classification Board, Margaret Anderson, confirmed to Gizmodo Australia in an email that on April 20 2017, the Board received an application from Studiocanal Pty Ltd for the classification of John Wick Chapter 2 for theatrical release.

On April 21, the Board viewed and classified the film, MA 15+ with consumer advice of strong action violence, Anderson advised. On April 24, the Classification Certificate for the film was issued to Studiocanal.

“At no time, was there any delay by the Board in the consideration and classification of the theatrical release film, John Wick Chapter 2,” Anderson stated.

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No, it's not April Fools day. </p><p>It is actually happening, people. We are getting a John Wick movie in cinemas at the same time as the rest of the world.

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