Time To Celebrate One Of The Best-Loved Modern Pop Culture Artists

Time To Celebrate One Of The Best-Loved Modern Pop Culture Artists

You may not know the name Matt Ferguson, but odds are you know his art. Ferguson has made popular art for Marvel, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, every gallery, and every big poster company. You may have been handed one of his posters if you went to the opening night of a popular movie in recent months and, famously, he mashed up Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy with memorable results. Now, he’s getting a celebratory retrospective exhibit.

The works of Matt Ferguson get the Blade Runner treatment. Photo: All Images: Matt Ferguson

We are excited to exclusively announce that The Film And Pop Culture Art of Matt Ferguson: A Retrospective Exhibition will open during the Thought Bubble Festival in the UK, beginning September 17 at the Gallery At 164 on Duke Street in Leeds.

The exhibit will feature 85 pieces of Ferguson’s art, including rare, sold-out posters; charity auctions; and a limited edition catalogue, which will first go on sale at a grand opening event on September 21 from 6:00-9:00PM.

Here are just a few of the posters that will be in the exhibit, some of which you’ve probably seen before – but even so, they’re well worth another look.

To see more of Ferguson’s art, visit his official site, and some of the links below. Here’s the official art for the exhibit.