The Scariest Movie Of The Year Has An Equally Creepy Etsy Shop

The Scariest Movie Of The Year Has An Equally Creepy Etsy Shop

We’re all about fun viral marketing. But having seeing Hereditary – which stars Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne and Alex Wolff – this particular example may be a little too creepy.

A crop of the poster for Hereditary. Photo: A24

Hereditary is about a family with a secret. Really, that’s all you should know going in. That and the fact that it’s terrifying. There’s a mother (Collette), father (Byrne), teenage son (Wolff) and younger daughter (Milly Shapiro). The daughter, Charlie, is fairly unique, and part of her character is that she’s always making these odd creations from all kinds of different objects. Even without seeing the movie, they’re generally weird and creepy.

Indiewire uncovered that the upcoming film has its own Etsy shop. It’s called CraftsByCharlieG and it’s filled with a bunch of sculptures “made by” the character. Here are just a few:

Miss Needle by Charlie

Hook Hand by Charlie

The Biter by Charlie

Screaming Crawler by Charlie

Midnight Watcher by Charlie

Mr Slicer

The site has 18 sculptures listed in total, all of which have already been sold. It promises new sculptures every week, but we don’t know if fans can actually buy them or if the film’s distributor is just posting them as a clever piece of online marketing.

Either way, it offers up another opportunity for us to tell you to go see Hereditary when it’s released June 7. It’s a truly unusual and disturbing horror movie. Here’s our review.

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