The New Mystery McLaren Will Have Exhaust Pipes On The Engine Cover And I'm Already Sold

Image: McLaren

Regular, bottom-exit exhaust pipes: Who needs 'em, I say! You want a car with unconventional exhaust exits. And this new McLaren, whatever it might be, looks like it has top-exit exhaust pipes. I don't even need to see the rest of the car, I'm already in love.

McLaren says that it has a new model lined up to be unveiled publicly at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England next month. It will be the fifth car hatched from McLaren's Track22 plan, in which it will release new cars and derivations until 2022.

Whatever the car is, it will have a lot of power, be lightweight and aerodynamic as hell. And it will be a low-volume example.

Last week, McLaren revealed the first teaser image, which looks like the hind end of a 570S. My best guess is that there is a 570LT in the works. Like the McLaren 675LT that preceded it, the 570LT will probably be sharpened up for the track, stripped down on the inside and cost far too much money.

Photo: McLaren

But who cares about the price because top-exit exhausts!

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