Telstra Is Down, Again

It’s not just you – 3G, 4G and NBN Telstra services across most capital cities are experiencing outages right now.

According to Nine News, Telstra has confirmed services are “interrupted” or “intermittent” and it remains unknown how long the problem will take to fix, or what is causing the outage. The issue is affecting both mobile and internet users.

Complaints on AussieOutages are rising by the minute, and the telco is getting slammed on Twitter.

We have reached out to Telstra for comment and will update as soon as we hear more.

Update: Telstra reached out to us via Twitter to say there is no issue with 3G and 4G – with the exception of earlier today, and also now but just for those who haven’t had their service restored.

Here’s Telstra’s website at 4:00pm AEST.

This story is developing.

” excerpt=”Telstra’s mobile network is having another outage this morning, with users noting that the 4G network is down across the country.”]