Step Into Hulk's Giant Feet, Literally, With These New Marvel Vans Kicks

If Hulk wore shoes, he certainly wouldn't bother with laces.Image: Vans

Just my luck: I've been dying for some shoes that make it look like I have gangrene! Vans has announced it's partnering with Marvel to make sneakers, clothing, and accessories based around its iconic characters — meaning when you lightly kick that person who tried to steal your seat on the subway, they will also be getting kicked by the God of Thunder.

According to a press release, the Vans x Marvel collection features items based on the Avengers and other key Marvel characters, including members of the X-Men and Deadpool. They have got things like a Captain Marvel backpack, Baby Groot baby shoes, and Black Panther high-tops. Vans Customs is also offering three Marvel prints so fans can create their own designs. The collection launches June 8. You can check out some of the items below.

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