Someone Please Save The Raccoon

Someone Please Save The Raccoon

A raccoon scaled a skyscraper in downtown St Paul, Minnesota, on Tuesday local time, managing to climb at least 20 storeys on UBS Tower as onlookers snapped photos from outside and within the structure.

Pictured: A raccoon that did not climb an extremely tall building, at least not that we know of. Photo: AP

Per WCCO, the raccoon was “first spotted at the Town Square building, huddled in a nook above the footpath”, but when building workers tried to rescue it from a potential fall, it decided to instead climb to nearly the top of the neighbouring 25-storey building.

The raccoon has since steadily ascended UBS Tower, taking the time to groom themselves and lay down along the way. Locals have deemed the animal “Spider-Raccoon”, per Minnesota Public Radio News.

According to NPR, firefighters have made appearances in the building to see where the raccoon was, and city officials have set up cat food-laden traps on the roof to lure the critter to the top where it can be safely retrieved. However, as of late Tuesday afternoon local time, the raccoon seems to have deemed it time for some rest around the 23rd floor.

Hopefully our little guy or gal will complete their ascent without harm, though as Minnesota Public Radio News‘ Tim Nelson noted on Twitter, raccoons are really good climbers and more than capable of making their way back down should they feel the need to.

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