Hospitalized John McAfee Swears Wrath On Whoever Managed To ‘Spike Something That I Ingested’

Hospitalized John McAfee Swears Wrath On Whoever Managed To ‘Spike Something That I Ingested’

John McAfee, the onetime chief of the security software company bearing his name and who has subsequently popped up in association with allegations of murder and rape in Belize, lying to the media, Securities and Exchange Commission investigations, bizarre presidential campaign videos and of course cryptocurrency, says someone managed to “spike something that I ingested.”

John McAfee in 2012.Photo: Getty Images

But fortunately, he’s “more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine.”

In a series of tweets on Friday, McAfee posted, “I apologise for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up. My enemies maged to spike something that i ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back.”

McAfee provided some visual evidence for this supposed assassination attempt in the form of photos of him looking less-than-great in a hospital bed, claiming that those responsible for his situation “will soon understand the true meaning of wrath. I know exactly who you are.” He further flipped a bird to these supposed “incompetent enemies” and claimed to be under 24/7 surveillance.

In between tweeting about Bitcoin and his endorsement of an “unhackable” wallet app named Bitfi Wallet, McAfee added he would be disregarding the advice of his physicians and leaving the hospital early.

As the Independent noted, McAfee claims to be being hunted by “violent cartels” after he fled his home in Belize in 2012 amid a police investigation into the murder of his neighbour.

McAfee claims to have hacked documents showing the country’s government was colluding with organised crime before he left and now lives under armed guard in a “heavily fortified home in Lexington, Tennessee.”

The Belize home later burned down under circumstances he told Fox News were “suspicious.” The Lexington home is where McAfee told Men’s Journal in 2015 he kept finding empty packets of cream cheese in the woods, obviously left by hungry hitmen stalking the residence.

McAfee made the news last year when, per Newsweek, he claimed to have heard an intruder in the crawl spaces of his Lexington home and “naked but for an ammunition belt” began spraying bullets into the walls:

“If they wanted to kill me, that would have been easy,” he says. “They can’t kill me because they need to sit me down, remove my fingers or something until I tell them where all this data is stored.”

… In an email to Newsweek on November 12, McAfee wrote: “I eat, sleep and shower with a pistol in my hand. When I enter the main house from my bedroom (secured with a ten gauge solid steel door) my two German Shepherds and one Pit Bull precede me. Moments before I emerge I call my head of security and request that my detail all be sitting in reclining chairs with their feet up — a vulnerable position since I am standing and armed… It is NOT a fun situation.”

As to how McAfee had ended up at a hospital nearly a 966km drive from Lexington, the Independent wrote, the software tycoon recently claimed to be on the run from the SEC and travelling in a convoy “driven by ex-military special forces and filled to the brim with heavily-armed security personnel.”

Of course, McAfee is 72 years old and, as of a 2016 article in New York‘s Daily Intelligencer blog, allegedly an avid consumer of a paranoia-inducing variety of bath salts named alpha-PHP. But regardless of whether something he ingested was spiked or whether old habits are catching up to him, it does appear that McAfee is proving a hard man to kill.

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