The Samsung Galaxy S10 Design May Have Been Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Design May Have Been Leaked
Image:Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

Plenty of leaks and rumours have been flying around about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so I guess it’s time for something a bit different. An interesting image recently hit the internet, and people are thinking that it may just be the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The tip has come from the IceUniverse twitter account and while they never explicitly say S10, the word ‘beyond’ is slipped in there – which is believed to be the codename for the S10.

This shows quite a significant change for the S series, which has generally stuck to a relatively tried and true format. If this image is legit, it would be a game changer.

Most noticeable is the huge amount of screen real estate that lacks a front facing camera, notch or any kind of biometric sensor. Considering this week’s announcement of Oppo’s Find X with its pop-up camera, it makes one wonder if Samsung will be following suit with its next generation of smartphones.

In terms of aesthetics, the phone has a curved edge and screen that are reminiscent of the Galaxy S9.

The launch of the S10 won’t be until next year, so there’s a high chance that this image is bogus. However, Ice Universe have been solid tipsters in the past. In addition to their coverage of the Note 9, they were the first to reveal the Note 8 design and photos of the Galaxy S8, and they nailed every S9 spec.

That being said, it’s probably still best to err on the side of skepticism, especially when 3D printing can make fakes relatively easy to mock up. Even if this image is related to the new Samsung flagship, it probably isn’t the finished product. It could very well be a prototype though.

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