Even More Weird And Wonderful Comic-Con Exclusives, And The Rest Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Even More Weird And Wonderful Comic-Con Exclusives, And The Rest Of The Best Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular roundup of the newest, coolest toys we want to add to our collections. This week’s entries might be a bit hard to acquire though – because truly, San Diego Comic-Con exclusive season is upon us. We have creepy Yodas! Aquamen! Spaceship cockpits! Oh, and a Swedish chef. Take a look!

LEGO’s 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

It hasn’t even been a year since LEGO released its monstrous 7541-piece Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, and it already has another Falcon set en route.

At 203 pieces and $US40 ($54), however, this 2018 SDCC exclusive is a little easier on your pocketbook, but potentially even harder to get if you won’t be in San Diego next month.

The same goes for LEGO’s throwback DC Super Heroes Aquaman and Storm set. Based on the characters’ appearances in ’60s DC cartoons, the 197-piece, $US40 ($54) set will also be available from LEGO’s SDCC booth if you love nothing more than standing in lines.

Wonder Forge The Incredibles Save the Day Board Game

If quality time with your family includes anything other than staring at pixels on a screen, then Wonder Forge shouldn’t have much trouble convincing you to expand your board game collection with Save the Day, featuring characters from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Up to four players, each with a unique power based on the Parr family’s special abilities, have to work together to stop crimes, and other problems, as they’re revealed on the Metroville game board.

The $US20 ($27) game incorporates baddies and scenarios from both of The Incredibles films, including baby Jack-Jack, whose unpredictable abilities factor in to each round.

[Wonder Forge]

Mattel SDCC 2018 DC Exclusives

Given the impending arrival of Aquaman at the end of the year, it makes sense that a lot of companies are cashing in on some retro nostalgia with the classic comics version of the character.

Mattel’s crack at the fishy whip comes in the form of a 15cm three pack based on the cover of 1967’s Aquaman #35, depicting Arthur Curry being assailed by two of his greatest foes, Black Manta and the Ocean Master, complete with comics-accurate costumes.

On top of that, Mattel has another similarly nostalgic DC exclusive for its Hot Wheels line, in the form of a sedan. Well, a very famous green sedan – the one Superman triumphantly lifts over his head in the very first issue of Action Comics.

As well as packaging that recreates one of the most famous comic covers of all time, the sedan does indeed come with a tiny little Superman lifting it up, ready for some wanton destruction. [Toyark]

Muppets Action Figures Swedish Chef Deluxe Gift Set

We once again find ourselves without a Muppets series on TV, or Muppets movies in theatres. Fans of the puppets can always rely on reruns, or, thanks to Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, shoot their own version of The Muppet Show thanks to a new gift set line.

First available is the incomprehensible Swedish Chef; for $US30 ($41), he comes with a mountain of kitchen accessories including pots and pans, random cutlery, frowny food ingredients, and a chicken – at least until Gonzo finds out.

[Diamond Select Toys]

Gentle Giant Ralph McQuarrie Yoda Bust

Meanwhile, Gentle Giant is heading to Comic-Con this year to remind us all that Yoda could’ve looked a lot more like a vaguely petrifying Rankin Bass cartoon that the little green hermit we know and love.

Inspired by its previous 1:6 scale concept art busts, this Yoda is based on legendary Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s early ideas for Yoda, before the character eventually developed into the design we would see brought to life in Empire Strikes Back.

It will be super limited at the con – just 750 are being made – but given how creepy it looks, maybe it’s best that this remains a rarity.