A Demolition Man-Style Taco Bell Is Coming To Comic-Con

A Demolition Man-Style Taco Bell Is Coming To Comic-Con

In the futuristic world of Demolition Man, there are no guns, you don’t curse, you wipe your butt with three seashells, and you eat fancy dinners at Taco Bell. The same thing is true for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (well, minus the seashells, probably).

Demolition Man is coming to Comic-Con.Photo: Warner Bros.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock sci-fi action film, Warner Bros. is teaming up with the fast food chain to bring the Taco Bell of the future to Comic-Con.

The convention is July 18-22, and the futuristic Taco Bell pop-up will be open from 6:00PM to midnight, nightly, at 658 Fifth Ave in San Diego.

The food is free and no Comic-Con badge is required. Apparently, though, there will be exclusive Taco Bell and Demolition Man merch available to buy. The pop-up is also tied to the return of Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries.

“When you create a fake trailer for a fake movie for a real product that surpasses all expectations of products (and movie trailers), it seems inevitable that you have to create a sequel,” Marisa Thalberg, Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell Corp, said in a press release.

“And what better way to tease this sequel, than pay homage to a real movie’s 25th anniversary – one that had a very compelling view of a fictional future?”

Here’s an artist rendering of a Demolition Man Taco Bell:

A Demolition Man Taco Bell poster. (Photo: Taco Bell)

A Demolition Man Taco Bell poster. Photo: Taco Bell

If all of this is very confusing to you, well, go watch Demolition Man again.

Not only is it a ’90s delight, there’s a whole subplot about the Franchise Wars (in the movie’s past, our future) and how the only one to survive was Taco Bell, which has become a very fancy, upscale establishment. How that will mix with the sweat and costumes of Comic-Con, we’ll have to see.

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