4 Things To Avoid When Building A New PC

4 Things To Avoid When Building A New PC
Image: Nautalis

Building your own computer can be a harrowing experience, from the first dropped component to that initial press of the power button. Here’s four things you definitely shouldn’t do during that process.

PS. This is not a serious post. I can’t be held responsible if you replace important bits of hardware with delicious condiments.

All of these animations are the work of a Reddit user by the name of “Nautalis” and appear to have been created in Blender for no particular purpose, other than comedy value.

4. Don’t let your RAM sticks sink into your motherboard

This can be difficult to get right, but a good rule of thumb is not to press down too hard, or purchase a motherboard with RAM-devouring tendencies.

3. Your platters should never see the light of day

When someone says you should “clean up your hard drive”, don’t physically open it up and wipe the platters with a cloth. I guess it’ll be clean afterwards… and by “clean” I mean “utterly destroyed”.

2. Don’t throw CPUs at your motherboard until one sticks

Personally, I’m always a bit nervous when I have to insert a CPU into its socket, but with the above method, I can easily banish my anxiety. Shame it’s so bloody expensive and well, not exactly precise.

1. Avoid using mayonnaise as thermal paste

Funnily enough, mayo works great as thermal paste… for 24 hours, after which it’ll slowly wreck your hardware. Probably the bigger point here is that the paste goes on top of the CPU, not underneath. That’s a big no-no.

Sadly, these are the only PC-related animations Nautalis has crafted, but you can always follow his work via the link below.