Transport Infrastructure Investment Down By Almost $2 Billion

The Federal Government have committed to a 10-year national infrastructure plan that seeks to reduce congestion, improve safety and create jobs. However, according to Australian Automobile Association (AAA), the funding for transport infrastructure has declined by almost $2 billion over the forward estimates compared to last year’s budget.

In an email to Gizmodo Australia, the AAA states that the Australian Government expects to collect $54.4 billion over the forward estimates from net fuel excise, as well as a further $5.1 billion from luxury car tax and tariffs.

However, only $22 billion will be returned in land transport infrastructure grant funding. Of that, most of the projects are already underway and there are few new commitments.

Here are the national projects that are currently underway.

The AAA’s Chief Executive Michael Bradley has this to say about the decline.

“While Australian motorists will this year pay a record level of motoring-related taxes, they will likely still see congestion pressures continue to increase.

“It is pleasing to see the Government establish the dedicated Urban Congestion Fund, the Roads of Strategic Importance Fund, and the Major Project Business Case Fund. However, land transport infrastructure commitments over the forward estimates have declined since last year’s budget, at the very time that funding needs to increase if we’re going to relieve the strain on existing transport assets as our population booms.

“Infrastructure is the bedrock upon which future economic growth will be built, it is critical that Australia keeps investing in activities that boost productivity and create jobs.”