These Are Your Most Enraging Automotive Pet Peeves

These Are Your Most Enraging Automotive Pet Peeves

Photo: Kolin Toney (Flickr)

Pet peeves! Everyone’s got ’em, so I have doubt that we also have them when it comes to cars. They can be big or small… but come on. It’s us. Of course our automotive pet peeves are big.

Last week, I put out a call for your biggest automotive pet peeves. The pettier the better. And with about 1,200 responses, I think you all have some thoughts to unload.

I want to learn about new stuff to get angry about, since I’m not angry enough already. Let’s see what really sets you off.

And remember, kids: Hell is other people.

Gotta Feed The Kids (Jerry Harding)

They just have to eat!

Too Polite (m)

My friend got T-boned after someone who was being “polite” waved him forward.

Free Cab (sean)

Those damn entitled college students.

Shoes Off (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ smart Car Hoarder)

I like the way you think!

No Touching (Hagrid's Hairy Hamroll)

Why must everyone touch?

Brake Lights (Zesty Sesty)

And stop littering!

Feet Up (bp3dots)

This very bad and terrible thing can happen if you have your feet up on the dashboard and you get into a crash.

Parking Brake (Stang70Fastback)

It's there, so use it!

Gross (GrinReaper31)

I'm sorry, but this is disgusting behaviour.

Snobs (Takuro Spirit)

Masters of numbers and letters.

DRLs Are Not Headlights (Philiam)

Learn the difference.

Sun Visors (As Du Volant)

Ahh yes this is the pettiness I wanted.

Kids (potholessuck)

I've seen kids kick cars.

Coffee And Taps (e.mark)

I admire your rules, sir.

Bad Friend (Wizard Nutstorm)

How good is this friend? Because that's something I'd consider a friend break-up over.

Snow (Auto Guy)

Plus it could fly off and hit another car!

Construction (Spaz)

Let's keep everyone safe, please.

Maintenance (Judas Mauricio)

People who don't maintain their cars.

Line Up Nice (Sid Bridge)

It's not hard.

Options (Melissa)

Asking the right questions here.

Wipers (RuiNunes)

Frozen in the middle of the windshield.