Telstra’s Having Another Outage [Updated]

Telstra’s Having Another Outage [Updated]
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Telstra’s mobile network is having another outage this morning, with users noting that the 4G network is down across the country.

Users are flooding social media and third-party sites with reports of outages right now. The common refrain is that mobile reception has been reduced to emergency calls only.

Telstra has responded publicly on Twitter, apologising for the disruption but not confirming the extent of the outage. Telstra’s team has referred users to the outage tracker, but affected users quickly noticed the outage page wasn’t providing any additional info.

Gizmodo Australia has contacted Telstra for a statement.

Update 1044 AEST: Telstra is now telling users that they’re “aware of an issue impacting our mobile network”, but not what the error is or how long it will take to fix.

Update 1149 AEST: Telstra has issued a statement, saying the outage is affecting 4G mobile and data and causing congestion on the 3G network:

We are working to resolve an issue impacting some 4G mobile voice and data services nationally which is also causing congestion for 3G services. We apologise for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We are still investigating the root cause. Calls to 000 will connect over other carriers’ networks where they have mobile coverage.

NSW Police also warned that the outage could affect some emergency calls:

Update 1228 AEST: Telstra has provided another update”

Our 4G voice and data traffic volume is improving nationally after we bypassed hardware which had been preventing some customers from accessing the 4G mobile network.  3G voice and data volumes are also improving.  We are very sorry for the interruption to services, either directly to customers or through business and government services.

Update 101pm: Telstra has issued another update, as services are slowly coming back.

Our 3G and 4G voice and data traffic volume continues to be progressively restored nationally.  We are working with many of our enterprise and government customers to ensure their services are restored as quickly as possible.

Update 210pm:

A reminder that during an interruption of this nature, calls to 000 using a Telstra mobile will connect over other carriers’ networks where carriers have mobile coverage.

Our 3G and 4G voice and data traffic are approaching typical daily levels but we’re still working to resolve intermittent issues or delayed call connection for some customers. We’re still investigating the root cause.

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