Supercomputing In Australia Scores A $140 Million Upgrade

Perth’s Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, and ANU’s National Computational Infrastructure facility have just scored $140 million in the 2018 Federal Budget, announced tonight.

The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre helps advance medical research, nanotechnology, mining, construction and urban planning with high-speed calculations.

It supports research to maximise combustion in supersonic engines and model the physics of extreme waves to capture energy.

Here's The Full 2018 Australian Federal Budget Speech

Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018-2019 Australian Federal Budget tonight - here is the speech in full.

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Yearly Power Bills To Fall By $400 From 2020

The 2018-19 budget has revealed that annual power bills will fall by $400 on average for every Australian household from 2020.

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Science And Research Infrastructure Promised $1.9 Billion In Government Funding

In tonight's Federal budget, "boosting innovation with science and research infrastructure" was allocated 1.9 billion over the next 12 years - that's going towards health, manufacturing, agriculture, satellites for our GPS usage - and our space agency.

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