Shazam!'s Director Made His Own Batman V. Superman Parody Mashup

Zachary Levi's Shazam, as we've seen from the one major look we've gotten of his costume, is something of a change of pace for the DC Extended Universe. He's brightly coloured, cheery, goofy, and he likes himself a soft drink (can you imagine Batfleck drinking a Dr. Pepper? I didn't think so).

In contrast to the grimdark world of, say, Batman V. Superman, this is pretty funny. And now David F. Sandberg himself has gotten into the gag, with a small mashup edit posted to Twitter, juxtaposing the goofy cheer of Billy Batson with some of the moodiest stuff the DC film universe has to offer.

The slurping sound effect is a nice touch. And Sandberg having a good sense of humour about his place in the universe is a very good sign for Shazam! Hopefully we get some gags like this in the film itself.


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