Cygnett FreePlay Bluetooth Earphones: Australian Price And Availability

Cygnett's truly wireless earphones are coming - with up to 10m range from your device, 3 hours of playtime from a single charge and a dual built-in microphone.

Here's where to pick them up and how much they will set you back.

Oh, and the portable battery case will also quickly recharge your earphones twice, giving an additional 6 hours of playtime.

With sweat resistant technology they are great for a morning jog, or your next gym session.

They come in black and white, $129.95 and are available now online. Retailers will be stocking them from June 1.

Cygnett's USB-C Power Bank Has Changed The Way I Charge My Stuff

I always have at least a couple of phones on the go for work — at least one I'm testing, and either my personal Android or another test phone. It's a pain and a constant juggle to keep everything charged, especially throughout a busy day. And I have a new MacBook that I lug around with me most days, too. But there's a new portable USB battery from Cygnett that has utterly changed my attitude to keeping everything topped up.

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