All Of Harlem Wants A Piece Of Luke Cage In This Season Two Clip

All Of Harlem Wants A Piece Of Luke Cage In This Season Two Clip

Luke Cage‘s second season will see the Harlem hero return home and try to get back to the kind of normal, everyday life he enjoyed before becoming a local superhero. But there’s a storm coming Luke’s way courtesy of Bushmaster that’s going to make his homecoming less than idyllic.

We’ve already seen that when Luke and Bushmaster ultimately end up crossing paths for the first time, it doesn’t end well for the typically-unbreakable man. Luke, to put it simply, gets his arse whooped, in public no less. Obviously, that’s the sort of occupational hazard that comes along with being a vigilante, but Luke’s lack of a secret identity makes the beatdown that much more devastating because of his relationship to Harlem.

In the newest clip from the upcoming season, Luke can’t avoid the fact that everybody who’s anybody knows that he’s supposed to be basically invulnerable – and that fact is a big part of why Luke’s able to enforce justice. But what becomes of a community hero when their people have good reason to lose faith in them?

It’s tough the see the hero down on his luck and all, but it’s also kind of hilarious to think that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s some kind of economy for WorldStar-esque videos featuring superpowered people brawling in the street.

Hopefully, when Luke Cage‘s second season drops on June 22, Luke’ll find some way to parlay some of those potential sponsorships into some good PR to gloss over this whole ordeal.