A Han Solo Movie Was In Development Even Before The Force Awakens

A Han Solo Movie Was In Development Even Before The Force Awakens

The earliest days of the new Star Wars era remain relatively mysterious. We know that in October 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm, and work soon began on what would eventually become the start of the new trilogy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But the story is much more interesting than that, as was revealed in a recent chat we had with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

Those early days also included the news that both Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan were

No one has ever said on the record which movie Kinberg was writing, but most removed from that project — and a few months later, its prospective release date was filled with what would become Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“So we started writing this and I kept saying ‘Well, you know, it’s coming in like 2020. So like maybe let’s get a sandwich,'” joked Lawrence’s son Jon Kasdan, who co-wrote Solo. “And he’s like ‘Don’t be so sure. Things can shift and things can move.’ And then the combination of meeting Chris [Miller] and Phil [Lord] and getting them involved in the project and them sort of being excited by it. And whatever happened with Trank which, honestly, we didn’t know anything about until we were told that that movie wasn’t going to be coming next. It sort of facilitated moving this up and, this is three years ago, suddenly there was a lot more pressure on us to deliver a script right away. And we did and then the momentum of the thing sort of carries through.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story finally hits theatres on May 25.