Yep, CommBank Is Still Experiencing Outages [Updated]

Yep, CommBank Is Still Experiencing Outages [Updated]
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Commonwealth Bank customers from across the country are still experiencing issues affecting their NetBank Accounts and credit cards. And CommBank still havent given an answer on why it has happened, or when it will be fixed.

This tweet sums up our feelings on the matter.

In case you missed it, since this morning there have been complaints that issues with NetBank and the CommBank app have been affecting credit cards, eftpos, home loans, personal loans, and travel money card accounts – many of which have reportedly disappeared from users’ NetBank dashboards.

Customers have also indicated that the issue has affected BPAY, which may have affected staff wages being paid on time.

Aussie Outages show a rise in issues across the day, as well as further complaints from CBA customers.

Image: Aussie Outages

This is what their live map looked like at the time of writing:

Image: Aussie Outages

CommBank has been respondeding to complaints on social media throughout the day, as well as acknowledging the existence of a problem on the CommBank app.

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At 7:40pm CommBank issued an update on Twitter. Sort of.

There is also an acknowledgement of the outage on the Netbank website. Sadly neither of these sources give us any further detail as to what the issue is or when it will be resolved. And at almost 10:25pm, CommBank didn’t seem to have any idea either:

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