‘Prosthesis’ Is A Real Mech You Can Climb Inside Of And Stomp Around In

Alright, so I want to stomp around in a giant, mechanised exo-skeleton as much as the next person. And while Furrion’s “Prosthesis”, a self-described “exo-bionic mobility platform” looks the goods and appears to work as advertised, I believe the company’s attempt to get a racing league of these things up and running is, well, misguided.

Not sure what I mean? Just watch the video. Skip past the first 23 seconds. Trust me on this.

Firstly, credit where credit is due. Prosthesis is a real mech that someone can climb into and clomp around in. It could be lots of fun. Where it all goes wrong is when Furrion decides to pitch it as a racing machine when, clearly, it’s not.

The switch to CG at the end doesn’t help its case either.

I think some of the video’s comments say it best. For example:

I kept waiting for it to get faster, and overwhelm me with excitement. It did the exact opposite.


I think you forgot to put the racing part in it.

Maybe Furrion can add some roller skates with the next model?