Jen Wang’s Touching Graphic Novel The Prince And The Dressmaker May (And Should) Get A Movie Adaptation

Universal’s latest attempt to get in on comic book adaptations has lead to its acquisition of one the most delightful graphic novels of the year so far: Jen Wang’s romantic fairytale, The Prince and the Dressmaker.

As reported by Deadline, the rights have been optioned with producer Kristin Lowe attached to the project. The graphic novel, published in February this year by First Second Books, follows two teenagers in early modern-era Paris (so, around the 16th century): Sebastian, a prince in the royal family begrudgingly putting up with his parents attempts to arrange a marriage for him, and his best friend Frances, a common seamstress.

Sebastian and Frances share a secret in The Prince and the Dressmaker. (Image: Jen Wang, First Second Books)

Sebastian and Frances share a secret in The Prince and the Dressmaker.Image: Jen Wang (First Second Books)

But Sebastian and Frances share a secret: Frances designs sumptuous ballgowns and dresses for Sebastian to don on nights out from the Palace, taking the fashionable cities’ elite social circles by storm as the fabulous Lady Crystallia. Even as Frances and Sebastian get closer to each other, Frances grows tired of having to be a secret to be kept instead of fulfilling her dreams of being a designer for the Crown, causing sparks to fly between the pair.

It’s got all the makings for a great fairytale movie — and given its themes of identity and love, one with a touching message, too. In terms of movie adaptations of comic books, this is definitely one we’d like to see. Hopefully we’ll bring you more on Universal’s plans for The Prince and the Dressmaker as we learn it.