I’m Tegan, The New Deputy Editor Of Gizmodo Australia

I’m Tegan, The New Deputy Editor Of Gizmodo Australia
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I was just another average kid until my first day of junior high. One minute I’m walking home the next there’s a crash and I’m drenched in some weird chemical – and since then nothing’s been the same. My best friend Ray thinks it’s cool, and my sister Annie thinks I’m a science project. I can’t let anyone else find out, not even my parents. I know the chemical plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment, but you know something – I guess I’m not so average anymore!

Wait, no. That’s not right.

Hello! I’m Tegan and I’m the new Deputy around these here parts! I’ll be covering the reviews, mobile, car tech, cameras and computing sections on Gizmodo. After almost six months of taking care of business by herself, Rae seems pretty happy about it.

You may have seen my name crop up before, and that’s because I’ve actually been around for a while. Over the past two years I have been the Commercial Editor of Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker and Business Insider.

Prior to to Allure Media I was a freelancer writer and reviewer for five years, specialising in video games, tech and entertainment. My work cropped up in the likes of Gizmodo US, Daily Life and the Brag. I was also the managing editor of Geek Bomb a few years back, as well as a creator and host of Sass Effect – a video game advice podcast.

Education wise, I took my surname very seriously during my formative years and fell in love with all things history. And while I’m not Doctor Jones yet, I am a trained curator with a Masters in Museum Studies (not to mention Honours in English Literature and History). I’m sure you’ll see this particular passion filter through in the form of retrospectives and tech history pieces in the near future.

While I have kept it relatively normal over here (besides the occasional outlandish headline), I inadvertently created quite A Brand for myself over at Lifehacker. This is mostly due to my advice column, Lovehacker.

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My Married Friends Are Ruining Board Game Night By Banging Each Other

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Peg Him. Is He Gay?

You’re all welcome.

While I have adored my time in a role that encompasses so many awesome publications, it’s time for the next challenge. I love Gizmodo and I’m looking forward to bringing you more awesome local stories about the things we’re all passionate about.