Help: I Can't Stop Watching This Video Of The Zuckerberg Hearing With The Social Network Theme

It's my birthday, and you get all the presents, dear reader.

This....this is hypnotic. I dare you to watch it just once.

Isn't it just beautiful? Doesn't it make your soul cry?

Mark Zuckerberg Emails His Myanmar Critics Directly, They Publicly Blast Back

Mark Zuckerberg took the unusual step of personally writing to critics upset at the way he characterised Facebook's response to the ongoing civil strife in Myanmar. Zuckerberg apologised for not acknowledging the importance that activist groups had played in stemming the circulation of harmful messages in Myanmar. The groups wasted no time issuing a letter demanding more transparency and accountability from the social network.

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Just 53 People Used The App That Let Cambridge Analytica Swipe Data From Up To 311,127 Australians

The vast majority of Facebook user data that was harvested by Cambridge Analytica came from Americans. But smaller countries are actually better at demonstrating just how big the problem got. Access to just 53 users in Australia reportedly allowed data firms to potentially capture information on over 310,000 people.

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Army Of Cardboard Mark Zuckerbergs Mock Facebook CEO From Capitol Lawn

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees today to address the company's privacy scandals. But before the palpably (and deservedly) uncomfortable billionaire stood before Capitol Hill, an army of Zuckerberg cutouts blew gently in the wind on the Capitol lawn.

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How To Watch Mark Zuckerberg's Senate Testimony Live On YouTube, Facebook And VR

Mark Zuckerberg is on the hot seat today. The billionaire CEO of Facebook will testify on Capitol Hill about the privacy scandals that have rocked his company, including the theft of data from over 87 million Facebook users by the political research firm Cambridge Analytica.

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