The White House Is Very Concerned About These Sick Video Game Kills

The White House Is Very Concerned About These Sick Video Game Kills

On Thursday, US president Donald Trump met with video game developers as well as people with the scientifically unfounded belief that violent video games — not necessarily the rampant supply of easily accessible actual firearms — are responsible for mass shootings throughout the US. And let me tell you, folks, the president is extremely worried about all these wicked gamer kills, believe me.

Screenshot: The official White House YouTube account, if you can believe that

During the meeting, the White House played a clip of random virtual characters including but not limited to Nazi soldiers, a guy eating lunch in Fallout 4, and the evil general from Modern Warfare 2 being killed, sometimes with knives but also with bullets in exaggerated, slow-motion X-ray vision so that you can see their skulls.

The White House then published said compilation, which features clips ripped from various YouTube accounts including a streamer named “Deathmule”, for the benefit of the public below.

Like the president, I have very, very serious concerns about this plague of digital violence and I have real, important questions I demand the sick people who made these so-called “games” answer. Can you use these “X Box”and “Play Station” guns to kill real people? Why are you training a generation of killers to #360NoScope Nazi skeletons? And why didn’t Obama do anything about the Hot Coffee mod?

We’re waiting!