Planet Earth Parody Imagines A World Overrun By Creepy Boston Dynamics Robots

Video: In any of Earth's other parallel timelines, Nicolas King's parody of the Planet Earth documentary series, showing our planet overrun with migrating herds of Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robodogs, would be an amusing look at our possible future.

A Guy With A Hockey Stick Is The Only Thing Stopping Door-Opening Robots From Escaping

Video: If last week's video of Boston Dynamic's SpotMini robo-dog opening doors all by itself had you worried, don't be. The bot's creators have done everything possible to ensure the public's safety by hiring a guy to thwart the robo-dog's escape attempts using a hockey stick. Phew! One less thing to stress over.

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But in our actual timeline, where everything seems to be playing out as though we're in a nightmarish, Twilight Zone-inspired alternate reality, this parody instead feels depressingly plausible. Let's face it, if all we have to keep some of our most advanced autonomous robots in check is a guy wielding a hockey stick, the planet is undoubtedly doomed - except for Canada.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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