Nathan Fillion Is Getting Back Into Costume As Captain Mal... For American Housewife?

You wanted a new season of Firefly? Here's the latest reminder that it's probably never going to happen outside of a reboot, delivered in the weirdest way possible: A picture of Nathan Fillion's upcoming cameo on ABC's American Housewife.

Nathan Fillion, Meg Donnelly and Katy Mixon on the set of American Housewife. Photo: ABC

Yes, Fillion is donning his trusty browncoat once more, but not for more Firefly - instead, he'll be making a cameo appearance as himself (dressed up as Mal for reasons unknown) in two episodes from the upcoming season of American Housewife.

No further details were revealed about Fillion's appearance, or why he'll be suited up as his beloved Firefly hero, but the actor has taken to Instagram to share a few more moments from the set as he once again donned his, err, tight pants to become the captain of the Serenity:

Hmm. That’s... familiar. #americanhousewife

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Oh, yeah. Things are really starting to fall into place. #americanhousewife

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A lot of this is aftermarket. #americanhousewife #firefly #mal

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Which reminds me, if a former Firefly star is making a cameo in something, is it mandatory that they dress up as Mal? Because I'm sensing a theme here.

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