Can You Name Every Alien In This All-Encompassing Sci-Fi Cantina?

Can You Name Every Alien In This All-Encompassing Sci-Fi Cantina?

If you like Easter eggs, posters and genre movies, today is your lucky day.

A mere crop of Vance Kelly’s epic Sci-Fi Cantina art print. Photo: Hero Complex Gallery

Artists Vance Kelly and Kevin M. Wilson (also known as Ape Meets Girl) are teaming up for “Easter Eggs” – which, you guessed it, is a show wholly made up of artwork that is filled with Easter eggs.

So, for example, here’s Kelly’s sci-fi cantina piece. Can you name all the aliens?

The full piece. (Photo: Hero Complex Gallery)

The full piece. Photo: Hero Complex Gallery

That poster, along with a ton from various other genres, will first be on sale at 7:00PM local time on March 21 at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The art will then go online the next morning on the Hero Complex website.

If the concept looks a bit familiar, that’s because it was partially inspired by Wilson’s wildly popular Gremlins poster, which was done in a similar style a few months back.

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And good news: Additional “artist proof” copies of that long-sold out poster will be on sale at the show, so if you missed it before and happen to be in the area, you can finally grab one.