These New Harry Potter Wands Let You Play A Magic Version Of Laser Tag

These New Harry Potter Wands Let You Play A Magic Version Of Laser Tag

It’s all but impossible to reach the end of the Harry Potter books or movies without secretly pining for a wand of your own, but it’s probably best for humanity that we aren’t all flailing magical sticks around. The next best thing would be JAKKS Pacific’s new interactive Wizard Training Wands that make it feel like you’re learning to cast spells, without wreaking havoc on Muggles.

Images: JAKKS Pacific

Inside each wand – which will be available later this year for $US25 ($31) in Harry, Dumbledore and Voldemort designs – is a motion sensor similar to what you’ll find in smartphones and video game controllers.

It tracks the movements of an aspiring wizard’s hands and arms as they learn to master the unique gestures and motions needed to trigger 11 different spells. But don’t get too excited about pretending to finally eliminate your enemies with the flick of a wrist because Avada Kedavra – the unforgivable killing curse – isn’t included. These are all kid-friendly conjurings.

Given the lack of any real magic coming from the wands, you’ll have to monitor yours spells cast through sound effects, and a series of five LED lights on each wand’s handle – with the lights illuminating in specific patterns for specific spells. Did you really think earning your OWL would be that easy?

In addition to a night school version of Hogwarts that has you crash-coursing your way through learning spells, JAKKS Pacific says its Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands will have four additional modes of play that let you challenge other aspiring wizards. These include Spell Practice, where two players race to properly cast a spell the fastest; Dumbledore’s Army, which is like a Potterverse version of Scissors, Paper, Rock; and Wizard Tag, which is reminiscent of laser tag where you’re trying to out-magic your opponent by casting spells and slowly decreasing the power levels of their wand.

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