Someone Has Finally Added Pokemon To Game Of Thrones, And It’s Pretty Adorable

Video: Winter is coming, but so are the Charizards. YouTuber Cash Sonny has debuted the first episode of a new series called Pokemon Ice and Fire, which finally brings the world of Pokemon to Westeros.

Taking place during the latest season of Game of Thrones, the episode sets up Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen as they prepare for winter, war, and probably a visit to bone-town. Meanwhile, beyond the Wall, the White Walkers have amassed an army of *gasp!* Ice Pokemon. So Jon Snow, impressively voiced by actor Lucas Webley, challenges all his subjects in Winterfell to go out and “catch them all,” meaning the Valyrian steel Pokemon.

No word how many episodes will be in the series, or whether Pokemon Ice and Fire will delve into season eight once it rolls around in 2019, but for now it’s a fun way to remember all the cool stuff that happened in season seven of Game of Thrones… with less Samwell Tarly poop montages (hopefully). You can check out the first episode below.