Natalie Portman Isn’t About To Take Any Sass On The Star Wars Prequels In This New…Rap?

Several years ago, Natalie Portman took to Saturday Night Live alongside Lonely Island to show everyone what a bad shut-your-mouth she really was. Now, she’s returned, taking on the most controversial topic of all: the Star Wars prequels.

Portman, in her illustrious career, is still followed by her role as Padme Amidala, lover of Anakin Skywalker, Senator of the Republic, Queen of Naboo, and mother of Luke and Leia. So it’s only natural that, in the fictional interview of her second “Natalie Rap”, the subject comes up. And she has a lot to say. Including some suggestions about Jar Jar Binks that are, so far as I know, questionably canon.

You can watch the rap, which includes an excellent version of Padme’s The Phantom Menace outfit (where did they find that thing?), below. Warning for explicit language and way too much information about Gungan anatomy.