Here Are Amaysim’s Samsung Galaxy S9 Plans

Here Are Amaysim’s Samsung Galaxy S9 Plans

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ were announced at Mobile World Congress today, and retailers soon followed suit with the plans they will be offering.

Here’s what amaysim are offering.

Amaysim is offering three free renewals for new or existing customers on any of its unlimited mobile plans when purchasing the handset.

You cane either buy the hone outright (at the RRP), or joining a payment plan from $57/month over 24 months, or from $104/month over 12 months.

All Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ purchases through amaysim also include a free wireless charger, valued from $119.

Pre-sales are available from 26 February 2018 and will run until 15 March 2018. More details are here.

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