A New Trailer Shows Jessica Jones Is Still Angry, But She’s Doing Something About It

Video: “How was anger management?” Not great, Bob!

Image: Netflix via YouTube

A new trailer has arrived for the second season of Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones. While the first teaser explored the challenges Jessica will be facing next season, such as that creepy guy trying to take over Alias Investigations, this one is more about how Jessica is going to be facing those challenges. In short: Head-first, with a goddamn ball.

The first season of Jessica Jones covered Jessica’s struggles with PTSD from abuse and rape. Now, she’s moving forward, facing her trauma – bottle of whiskey in hand – along with the accident that killed her family and gave her powers. However, it’s clear from these previews that Jessica is still coping with her trauma, making an important point about the long-term effects of abuse, as well as the need to respect each survivor’s space and time for healing.

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix on March 8.